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Clay Work
Kat started working with clay on the potter's wheel in 1977 at Fountain Valley School when her art teacher gave her the key to a closet where a potter's wheel was being stored. She took on the challenge of learning to throw on her free time, and upon graduating was honored with the Robinson Art Award for excellence in the arts. She studied Pottery with Regis Brodie at Skidmore College and later with Paul Soldner and Peter Voulkos in Aspen, CO. 

These special bowls can carry hopes and dreams or can be used for a candle holder, an incense holder, a planter, or simply a vessel that tells a story. They can be custom-designed according to whatever story you want told. You may choose the colors and the theme and even have her add your own charms to further personalize your piece.

Kat also offers clay classes. Please refer to the Classes and Workshops page.

Kat's Clay Work Sample 1   Kat's Clay Work Sample 2
Kat's Clay Work Sample 3 Kat's Clay Work Sample 4
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